• Libby Laguta, CHID, EDAC

Giving Back

At a recent conference we talked extensively about mentoring young professionals to bring them up through the ranks. Since then, I've had conversations with other senior professionals about snagging even earlier "groupies". I am interested in giving back and shamelessly soliciting to college students to choose a path as a healthcare interior designer.

So I went to Auburn University and gave a class on "Patient Room Design" to interior architectural undergrad students. It was the Monday morning after Spring Break week at 8 am. They were awake and attentive and asked many questions. Their next project would be the design of a head wall in a patient room - a life-size mock-up! I wish I could have seen the results of that exercise. I believe that minus the distractions of years of being told, "not you can't do that", the designs were probably fresh, creative, and exciting.

Once we have been designing for so many years or decades, our box sometimes gets quite small. It takes a new viewpoint from a fresh perspective to throw away the box and look at the solution in a whole new slant. I can get behind that idea. It has proven it's worth many times in my career.

According to CIDA, the course requirements for a degree in interior design do not allow for a specialty focus until the graduate program. At that level, I would like to see the focus on healthcare be more widespread. I am willing to help. It started at Auburn to plant a seed with undergrads and I'm hoping it could lead to genuine interest for a few brave souls. . . . . AND

Specialize your focus as a healthcare designer

. . . . I would be remiss if I didn't wish Auburn good luck on their FINAL FOUR play-offs!


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