• Libby Laguta, CHID, EDAC

An Aha Moment in Design

Recently, I attended an ACHE event to mingle with the healthcare community in the low country of Charleston. I met wonderful people doing great things to better healthcare experiences for patients. There was one conversation that was a particularly clarifying moment for me.

I met an administrator at the VA Medical Center. We talked about what Veterans need. I mentioned that in my observation, their wait times are tremendous and they can be at a facility all day. She stopped me in my tracks. She told me that they are not necessarily there all day because of their appointment; they are there because they want to be there! Veterans feel a sisterhood and brotherhood with those that served in the crucible of combat. It is like going home to family. If you listen in on discussions within the waiting areas, you will hear comparisons of experiences and war stories. Where else are these individuals able to connect so well to such a captivating audience? Now this is a "healing environment" if I ever heard of one!

She went on to explain that the coffee shop was once in the middle of the hospital with little visibility. It was moved to the front lobby in response to the need for a place to accommodate the comaraderie between their patients. The shop gives a spot for a "sit down" and a sharing platform over a cup of joe.

I have a renewed respect for our VA Hospitals. They know what their patients need and they are providing it. I sincerely appreciate the "aha moment" and the sharing of information. I strongly suspect that this clarifying instance

will transfer into other areas for me as I design. Thank you for this realization.


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